hype squad


Sam Adams

-owner/graphic designer

Sam has long blonde hair, he likes beer and he owns two wild dingos.  Graduated with striking honors from WMU as a Graphic Designer and his brain is like a branding super computer.  He often wakes up in the middle of the night reciting new taglines and sketching really trendy logos.  He moonlights as an impersonator and he is really cool.

Brett Scheske


This is Brett, he really enjoys rollerblading, losing camera lens caps and eating ham and broccoli.  He shoot from the hip and pretty much never misses.  The guy is a creative freak.  Always thinking outside the box and has a knack for getting peoples attention.  Oh and he is insane with a camera in his hand, always gets the money shot.


Sean Clark

- social media manager

His name is sean and he is the moodiest one in the office.  He is in charge of our social media department so we can never tell if he is dicking around or actually working on facebook.  He farts a lot and likes to party, those two probably go hand in hand.  He has creative days but he is the organized one....hence his title "Master of ANAL-ytics"